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Then and Now
Updated at May 24, 2022, 06:42
He was the sweetest first love that didn’t last outside of junior high, now it’s been over 20 years we are in our 30s and bumped into each other, will this be their second chance? Was this a case of right person wrong time or will the flame burn out just like it did then or will they get the love ending t
Her Men
Updated at Nov 3, 2020, 06:35
*warning * *mature audiences only * *Completed* Stella has already felt so much heart ache that she decides she fine without love. owner of her small towns only decent bars she's happy... or so she thought. Tristan is tired of his older brothers always making decisions for him this time he's done with them and their "dream". Leaving them to argue he drives off needed some space not caring where he goes or that he's in the middle of no where but finding a small run down bar it's perfect to drink his pain away ..opening the doors he hears the most beautiful voice ever and see the girl of his dreams ... and immediately has to have her... for him and his brothers. But will she agree to a relationship with more then one man? Will his brothers see what he sees in her ?