Story By annamaree


Updated at Jan 6, 2021, 18:08
****SEQUAL TO BAD BOY'S GIRL**** *You do not need to read Bad Boy's Girl to understand, but will help.* Having a father that would do anything humanly possible to keep you safe sound great doesn't it? Not always, not when you begin to get to the age where boys are becoming a lot more interesting. Daughter of Damon and Skye, Matilda has recently turned 16 and boys are not only becoming more interesting to her, but she is becoming a lot more interesting to the male population. Matilda finds herself sneaking around and lands herself in trouble because of a certain boy that her father is not so pleases with. Will this be the beginning of something exciting for Matilda, or are her fathers suspicions right?
Bad Boy's Girl
Updated at Jul 23, 2019, 20:30
Have you ever wondered what happens when the bad boy gets possessive over you? Skye is just finding out. Skye is just a normal young women wanting a normal life. What makes her special to the Bad Boy? She doesn't know, but neither does he. Damon Perry is not who anyone expects. Everyone thinks they know him. But no one knows anything about him. He has a dark life filled with street fighting and an even darker life at home. So what happens when he begins to get possessive over a quiet girl that just wants to move out of home. Even finds himself surprised with his protectiveness.