Story By Louise Austin

Louise Austin

Come and follow me for updates and more: F@cebook: Louise’s Mystic Garden Thank you so much for reading my books. I am a self proclaimed bibliomaniac! Just your average Aussie Mama who loves to read and write. I was lucky enough to get a chance to write my first book and it has been an amazing journey. So much more to learn and grow from here. Thank you for giving me a chance. There are so many more works planned.
The Vampire King: Jasper’s Rise to the Throne
Updated at Jan 18, 2023, 03:35
My Sapphire-Eyed Luna's Second story Jaspers life is a long one. Born in Mesopotamia. Transformed against his will.
My Sapphire-Eyed Luna
Updated at Jun 11, 2022, 01:09
My Sapphire-Eyed Luna “Raven, run sweetheart, you need to run.” The memories of her Mother’s eyes stained with black as they fix on her, a single tear shining in the moonlight. Raven heeds her Mother’s dying words. She runs for her life. Over the past six years since that tragic night, Raven has had anything but an easy-going life. Yet, through these trials, there has been one thing keeping her going — she just needs to make it to her 18th birthday, Then finally she can get away, she can make a break for it. Little does she know, things won’t get any easier. So many secrets. So many twists and turns. All will be revealed. Can she trust in herself? Read and find out. Only time will tell…