Story By Ella Gob

Ella Gob

Addicted To The Bad Boy
Updated at Dec 14, 2021, 21:49
As a good student and good girl since childhood, I, Aria. Green, never thought my hero would be a bad boy. He possesses good-looking and has a lot of female fans. I only have one new friend and… virginity. He skips and fails the class. I have excellent grades. He drinks alcohol. I drink orange juice. We are totally in two worlds. I don't think I will have any connections with the bad boy until my new friend comes up with a creative idea. Now, I have changed from a good and honest student to a liar. That feels so terrible, and a bit excited. Chase Handler. He never dates anyone until someone falls into his pool, his heart. He does what a bad student usually does. He can't graduate? His dream? Who cares? That's ridiculous. Chase believes he finds the light in his life after he gets to know Aria. However, she lies to him. Addicted To The Bad Boy is created by Ella. Gob, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.