Story By Tiffany Venter

Tiffany Venter

Hey, all you beautiful minds! Fantasy, fiction, paranormal romance, thriller, sitting on the edge of your seat, plot twists you never saw coming, something different... If this is what you are looking to find, then please dive right in. I love reading, love being taken on adventures, and some characters just stick with you for life don\'t they? Let\'s make magic :) Follow me on I.n.s.t.a.g.r.a.m or F.a.c.e.b.o.o.k @lit_lava
Destructive Myth
Updated at Oct 24, 2021, 07:36
Two brothers thought to be inseparable are ripped apart by the older brother's death. Drathis, only eight years old is captured and blamed for his brother’s cruel decease for an odd twenty years until he manages to escape. His world is thrown upside down as he comes to terms with how rare he actually is, a race thought to be extinct for thousands of years, those left, keep to the shadows or are drained of their life source. As far as he can tell, he is the only one left. Now on the loose, Drathis, an irresistibly handsome... Being, is hunted down by all the empire has, but along his journey, he finds he is not alone, tracked down by a woman his heart is falling for. Is she a trickster? Hunted for not only having stolen one of the most powerful weapons during his escape from the queen but for the most astonishing power he possesses within, he trusts no one and even less so the women he wants. Through his journey, he quickly learns trust and loyalty are hard to come by and more so are friends as the queen has spies at every door. Relangathian is a world that knows where it stands until this magical being is released, all becomes unstable, the world is now restless. Wars break out all for the hope of what once was, long before humans roamed the earth and rumors of his existence spread like wildfire. Can Drathis end the wars that rage around him? will he lead them all to destruction or bring to light the myths of the world? Will his secret be what sets him free or dooms them all? His journey to find his home is just the start