Story By samantha heredia

samantha heredia

I am a book lover of course! Books have always been an escape for me, and I love being able to create that for someone else. I am also a stepmother and a nurse. I want to thank you all for reading!
Broken soldier
Updated at Oct 12, 2023, 17:05
I was a broken soldier. So broken, I gave up finding happiness for it was too far away. I know things. Secret government things, so after being tortured for the knowledge I possess I no longer cared about anything. Until the gorgeous vampire assigned to watch over me wakes a passion that I have never felt before. 18+⚠️ passion, violence and a love so deep it’s painful.
Updated at Sep 20, 2023, 09:29
“Tell me what you need Miranda,” he growls into my ear. Pain, I whisper, ashamed that’s what it takes to get me off these days…“ I am so excited to give it to you.” Okay wait, let’s go back to the beginning. My name is Miranda, and I quite literally fell into the lap of the most eligible bachelor in the city, but he is also the newly appointed leader of the Herrera Mafia family. I walk in on something I should not have seen, and now it’s up to Marco to choose who he believes, and who has to die.