Story By Becca Swan

Becca Swan

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Katya: Breaking The Beta Bond
Updated at Sep 27, 2023, 01:03
Katya was the gamma's daughter, she had her life all planned out. After making a pact with her childhood sweetheart to take each other as chosen mates on their 25th birthdays if they had not met their fated mates, the big day finally arrives. What could possibly go wrong? Will everything go according to plan? Follow Katya on her journey.
Luna Aleksa's Escape
Updated at Sep 15, 2023, 21:52
Twenty-year-old Aleksa had a perfect life, or so she thought. She is Luna to Alpha Lachlan of the Evergreen Pack, she is Mother to two beautiful twins - Liam and Layla. She even has her dream job as a Realtor in a nearby Human Town. Until one day when her world is turned upside down, Aleksa realizes all is not as it seems. How will Aleksa escape her not-so-fairytale life? After leaving her fated mate, will she have a Second Chance Mate? Will Aleksa get her happily ever after? Join my group - Between The Covers With Becca & Morgan on Facebook for updates etc.
Bella: The Beta's Daughter
Updated at Aug 22, 2023, 20:37
Bella is from a Beta family but is regarded by her pack members as wolfless, and merely a pack servant. Bella is strong-minded and intelligent but acts as she is expected to be - subservient and accommodating, in order to survive. Regarded as a freak to her peers, and fed up with living in the cruel and misogynistic Blood Moon pack, a pack where women are treated as second-class citizens, Bella plans to leave as her eighteenth birthday arrives. With the help of the only person that has truly cared for her, Michael, who is also the pack Gamma, Bella will attempt to leave the only life she has ever known. Nothing has ever gone smoothly for Bella, but the moon goddess has plans for her. Will she manage to leave Blood Moon? What do her parents have planned for her? Will she find her fated mate? Will she be blessed or will she suffer a cruel fate? What secrets will Bella uncover on her journey to freedom and a better life? Will she find her true calling? Is she truly wolfless?