Luna Aleksa's Escape

second chance

Twenty-year-old Aleksa had a perfect life, or so she thought. She is Luna to Alpha Lachlan of the Evergreen Pack, she is Mother to two beautiful twins - Liam and Layla. She even has her dream job as a Realtor in a nearby Human Town.

Until one day when her world is turned upside down, Aleksa realizes all is not as it seems.

How will Aleksa escape her not-so-fairytale life? After leaving her fated mate, will she have a Second Chance Mate? Will Aleksa get her happily ever after?

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1. Things aren't always as they seem.
*Aleksa* It was a beautiful afternoon and I’d decided to go for a run in between appointments. I loved running through the park. There was something cathartic about the green grass, the trees, and hearing the birds chirping and bees buzzing while I ran along with my stroller. It was a great way to get the twins (Liam and Layla) to sleep. I had started running after I had the twins as I’d put on a bit of weight having them and I wanted to get my pre-baby body back. My name is Aleksa and I’m 20 years old. I am about 5”4, and of average build. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I am the mother of two-year-old twins, and I’m mated to Alpha Lachlan of the Evergreen Pack. I had met my mate just over two years ago and we married and had children straight away - we had the perfect relationship - or so I thought. We lived in a big pack, one of the biggest on the East Coast. Alpha Lachlan is known as a fierce leader and is feared by many, especially the other packs with which we have an alliance. Lachlan was the perfect partner, he was attentive, caring, thoughtful, and overprotective - as most Alpha’s tended to be. We had a close relationship with the other ranked members of our pack. Our Beta - Sam, and his mate, Eva, were our best friends. We did almost everything together. My Gamma - Caleb and his mate Kali, were part of our inner circle. Although at the Evergreen Pack everyone was polite to one another, and we treated everyone with kindness and dignity, regardless of rank. On this particular day, I was excited because I had planned to surprise Lachlan with a romantic afternoon. I had recently started taking Liam and Layla to the packhouse daycare recently, as I had just started back at work. I work as a Realtor, and that’s actually how I met Lachlan, to begin with. At the time, Lachlan was getting ready to take over from his father as the Alpha of the pack. They were in the process of acquiring some commercial properties in town, as well as expanding their territory. I was a newby realtor and was tasked with ensuring it all ran smoothly. Never did I expect that I would meet my mate. Everything had moved so fast from the moment we laid eyes on one another. And then, before I knew it, the twins were here. So today my plan was to surprise Lachlan (who was busy with pack-related business) and coax him into taking the rest of the afternoon off. These days we rarely seem to find time together. I was hoping to rekindle the romance in our relationship. Sam (Our Beta) had helped me to plan the afternoon so that there would be no pressing matters for Lachlan to attend to or distractions. I dropped the twins off at the pack daycare and jumped back into the car. Time to put my plan in action, I thought to myself. I drove to the beauty salon to get a quick Brazilian wax and make sure I looked my best. I had lost a bit of confidence since having the twins and felt a lot more body conscious. So I needed this pampering. Then I drove home to get changed into my sexy dress and lingerie that I had purchased earlier that week. “Ooh”. I cried out loud, clutching my abdomen. “Ouch”. I had been getting pains in my stomach all morning. I figured it was period related, my cycle had been out of sync since having the twins. But It wasn’t intense enough to change my plans. Not tonight! I thought to myself. As I reached the packhouse, the pain intensified. I slowly got out of the car. The packhouse was strangely quiet for this time of day. As I started to walk up the stairs, I heard loud moaning sounds. Someone was getting intimate and they were not shy about it. I chuckled to myself. I heard a bed shaking against the wall. As I continued walking to our room, I noticed the sounds were getting louder. Then I heard it. I heard Lachlan moaning and yelling “Eva yes, ride my c*&^!”. “I wanna feel you c*& on my c^%&!” “That’s it baby,” Lachlan yelled. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mate was having s*x with my best friend. And then I saw it. I saw her through the half-open door. I saw Eva grinding on top of my mate. “Oh yes, Lachlan! Fill me up! F%^& me hard. Tell me you want me and only me!”. Eva screamed. “No one f&^*# like you baby, that’s it ride my c*&^! Lachlan yelled. “Promise me you will make me your Luna Lachlan!” Eva screamed. “I will - I will Eva - oh that’s it - faster baby, faster, right there, oh f@#$!”. Lachlan groaned as he reached his c****x. I was just standing there. Not believing what I was hearing and seeing. My heart was frantically racing. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. They hadn’t scented me, so I slowly backed down the stairs, and quietly left the packhouse. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me into the woods where I just collapsed and cried until I could cry no more. I didn’t know what to do. My whole world, as I knew it, was collapsing before me. Everything I thought was real was a lie. My mate didn’t love me. How could he when he was clearly in love with Eva? My best friend clearly wasn’t my best friend - how could she do this to me? How could they do this to my children - oh my goddess, my children! I had to think this through and I couldn't let on what I knew. I needed to make a plan that would protect my children from the fallout. What if they tried to take my children from me? Would Lachlan let me leave? Liam was his heir - destined to take over as Alpha one day. He wouldn’t let me take the children, I thought to myself. What was their plan, I wondered? They had spoken of making Eva Luna - what did that mean for me? Would he reject me? Or would he expect to have both of us at his side? Did Sam know? Surely not -as he helped me plan this afternoon. Oh, my goddess Sam! He must be feeling these pains also. When a mate is intimate with someone that isn’t their mate, their fated mate (if they have met and mated) will feel heartbreak and intense physical pain. It feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest. Like you can’t breathe and you are suffocating. I have been experiencing this pain for almost two years now and I have felt it wearing me down physically. I had thought the pain I had been experiencing since I was pregnant was related to my babies growing inside me, and then after the birth, I figured it was related to the traumatic delivery I had with the twins. At least that is what the Pack Doctor had told me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my mate could be cheating on me. I feel like such a fool. I can’t dwell on this right now. I had to smarten up. I had to play along and pretend I was unaware of what was going on. For the time being. That afternoon, I picked up Liam and Layla from the pack daycare and stopped in at the local supermarket to pick up some food for dinner. We have cooking staff at the packhouse that are tasked with preparing meals, usually the Omegas. But I love to cook for my family, so I use the kitchen down the hall from our suite sometimes. I started to drive towards the packhouse. Lachlan wasn’t home when we arrived, and I was thankful for that. I set about making the twins dinner. After dinner, I bathed them and put them in their matching pajamas. After reading them some stories, they drifted off to sleep. I decided to have a bath and then head to bed. Lachlan wouldn’t be back until late as they had a pack leaders meeting tonight. Those meetings usually took most of the night. As I lay in bed I started thinking about what my options were. Would I stay here in the pack knowing what I knew and attempting to make it work? Would I try to win my husband back from the clutches of my deceitful and disingenuous friend? Would I pack all of our belongings and take the twins away from this place to where we could start afresh? But that would be taking them away from their father. Could I really do that? He has never laid a hand on them. Although, to be honest, he never spends any time with them anyway. I couldn’t stay here, not now. So many questions. I was exhausted. I started to close my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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