Story By NoLabel


I am living my life to the fullest and starting to do the things that I love including writing. I am hoping for the best~
A Day in A Life of Death
Updated at Mar 24, 2023, 00:27
"Let’s be friends before I go to the afterlife" This was the first time... The first time a soul said that to HIM... In his whole existence, souls are afraid to be with him, but not at this very moment... He's known to be the Death, The one who ends the suffering. The one who ends life. The one who ends everything. He's known to be dark and merciless, But it seems like all of these doesn't really matter to HER... She's not afraid. She showed something that Death didn't expect. It is something unexplainable. And... At this point... The Death who used to be the END, Have seen his new BEGINNING.
Reincarnated Soul
Updated at Sep 29, 2021, 04:33
She's no ordinary heir... He's a mortal... She's unbearably strong... He's physically weak... But these two souls collide, and made a forbidden mistake... They fell in love. How long can SHE protect the man she devoted her life onto? Can HE survive all the consequences just for the woman that he loves most? What if SHE failed to protect him? What if HE died because of her? What if...they are fated to be apart? Can they change their own destiny for the sake of love?