Story By C K Lenahan

C K Lenahan

A university student studying Biomedical Science, based within the U.K. I have loved to read ever since I was a small child, but now am finally putting pen to paper (theoretically) and writing my own stories. My Facebook page: Want the soundtrack to The Legend of Epineio series? Follow it on Spotify: Her Dark Knight and His Divine Queen
His Divine Queen
Updated at Jul 8, 2021, 10:57
Sequel to Her Dark Knight (Book 1 of the Legend of Epineio series). Best appreciated when read as a series, but this book CAN be read as a standalone. ~~~ The war is over. The King is gone, and with it comes the freedom of the people that he had tried so hard to oppress. Queen Arabella now sits open the golden throne, ruling over the Kingdom of the Moon with a strength that she had not known she possessed. All is well. Except, something darker is rising. Something that they could not have prepared for, that threatens to tear their world apart right at its very seams. Enemies become allies, and lovers turn treacherous as death itself reigns terror on Arabella’s Kingdom. A terror that they may not be able to defeat, that may consume them once and for all.
Death’s Bride
Updated at Feb 21, 2021, 10:13
Death had always been a lonely man. It was a well-known fact, and one that he’d been happy with through all his long years ferrying the dead to their final resting place. His loneliness had never affected him, for he had learned to embrace it. Death had learned to cherish his lonely nights because if he was alone and did not love anything, then nothing could hurt him. Only, one day that all changed. One day he met a woman like nothing he’d ever seen before. He was transfixed, and would do anything to have her. So he did, he took her and kept her as his own. She owned his love, his life, and his heart. She was Death’s Bride. But, what if she wanted more?
Her Dark Knight
Updated at Dec 7, 2020, 09:18
“Come back to me...” “...Always” ~ ~ ~ Duchess Arabella was a sheltered girl, hidden away from society by her overprotective father as he sought to keep her away from its cruelties. When she is betrothed to the Crowned Prince Alaric, she must move away from everything she has ever known and cherished, to fit in to a society she knows nothing about. Through the help of her friends and a mysterious, handsome stranger called the Knight, Arabella will learn that not everything is as it first seems. Dark secrets are churning underneath the Kingdom’s perfect exterior, and Arabella is determined to uncover them all. To do this, she must become something greater than herself. She must become a Queen.