Story By Cutiepiee


the property of the werewolf king
Updated at Dec 20, 2019, 12:54
He will take over the throne from his parents.. People are afraid of him, they are afraid of knowing what he can do. People hope that if he finds his mate she can change him.. That is what Lucy also hopes, but nothing turns out to be less true.. Lucy Smith is the person everyone loves.. she's sweet and when needed badass.. but abused.. and maybe a omega too..? Her wolf is not so big, but NOT average! Her wolf is cute and strong. Her fur is white with a star on her tail AND she has the FLUFFIEST tail ever! Aaron Grace is a player and bad news. Anyone that crosses his path pretty much dies within a few weeks. most people stay away from him.. he's badass, mean and very powerful.. His wolf is bigger that any other wolf on the goddamn earth! His wolf is black, jet black..and has a white line on his back.