Story By Sha Sha

Sha Sha

I enjoy writing stories. When I\'m writing im in a world we\'re my story is at. Story writing for me is a hobby so no rush with updates just wanna have some fun with writing.
Knowing Heir (Short Story)
Updated at Apr 2, 2023, 07:30
Crimson Academy a school where students kill to be on the top 10. Top 10 or also known as The Royalties where students who will be listed there will be privilege but the question is how do they get there, there is a underground fight who would take over and if a student challenge a student who's in the list of royalties and also royalty students couldn't decline to any fight.If the student who ask the fight won then they would replace their position. And when a mysterious girl enters the academy it started to be chaotic.
Atreides Academy
Updated at Mar 26, 2023, 03:12
Atreides Academy is a magic academy where elfin,pixie,nixie,gnome and a peri different kind of powerful creatures in one academy was definitely chaotic. Elfin fairies arr known for there healing capabilities, gnome's are known for being able to have a control to nature,pixies are good at mind controlling,nixies are water fairies they can be in human form or in a mermaid form. Peri's are the rarest type of fairies they are the most powerful one they usually specializes in air or water. Let's enter the magical world of faerie.