Story By Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle

Hello, and welcome to my imagination! Please take a seat and enjoy the journey. -Tiffany Michelle
The Billionaire's Unwanted Nanny
Updated at Dec 19, 2023, 15:48
Unfortunate. That would be the best way to describe Tiera's life. It seemed whenever she thinks things are going well, the universe makes it clear it hates her. Don't believe her? Well.... High school sweetheart James and her first everything falls in love and marries her sister April. Gotta love those awkward family dinners. Incredibly, after he revealed he only ever dated her as a replacement for her sister. He never thought she would look at him, so he settled. The family believes her to be dramatic about the situation. Parents deny favoritism and gaslight her anytime she provides examples. Her closest friend was Jame's sister Jamie. Guess who she chooses to spend her time with now? Not Tiera, that's who. Currently, she is enrolled in school to be a fashion designer. It is going great, or it was. She finally landed an internship with a hot brand. The man over the internship was more interested in getting her in bed than helping her grow her talents. When she adamantly refused, he rescinded her offer to work there for the summer. Now what? Her summer plans are dashed. She definitely has no urge to tell her family about this mishap, so what can she do? Become a nanny. No seriously, becoming a nanny is her ticket to fixing this whole mess. Until the universe rears its spiteful head. She ends up having a wild one-night stand with her boss after a drunken night. He rejects her the next day harshly and takes great care to avoid her for the last month of her job. Now she finds out she's pregnant by the bastard. She still has a semester left of school, no job prospects lined up, and a baby on the way. What to do now? Persevere. Push through all of it and make everyone who wronged her regret it all.
Fixing Him
Updated at Aug 27, 2022, 20:20
April is confused. Her family had discarded her a while ago. She was not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Just not enough...... Yet she had received three different letters summoning her home. Why now? She left at the age of 18 and hadn't looked back. Now she works as a nurse in a quite town. Her life is simple but it is happy. She loves the children she works with everyday. She loves her home and the peace of no longer associating with her family. Yet, she couldn't keep ignoring these letters. April knows that her father would be seething. Still she didn't want to answer. The fear from trying to be perfect has melted away. It had been more than a decade since she needed to do so. Fuck them. A smile spread across her face ad she discarded this letter as well. The reckoning came sooner than she imagined. The shiny black SUV in her driveway confirmed he would not let this go. Frustrated she walks to her front door ignoring the car all together. Her door was unlocked. Of course he has a key and let himself in. Boundaries were never a thing with him. Walking she sees him sitting on her couch perched like a king. Her puppy was curled in his lap. She didn't know what was more ridiculous the way he sat himself in her space. Or what he was asking of her? April was the unwanted child of her powerful family. She took black sheep to a different level. After a viscous fight she left home at 18 leaving everything behind. She struggled her way through and created a happy life. Now they were back. Her older sister was the preferred child, Alexandra. Alexandra who had always been perfect is now refusing her obligation of marrying the son of one of dad's important business partners. The wedding was going as planned but after a tragic accident the man was now scarred. Alexandra was refusing to marry a man like this and now I was being offered up. I scoffed at my father. I wouldn't be controlled by him.