Story By Miss Di

Miss Di

Updated at Sep 16, 2021, 03:39
Being the best was normal for her. As effortless and easy as a breeze over still water. She'd successfully smoothed over the mishaps of her past in the minds of those around her to become the apple of their eyes. She created a perfect life through lies, deceit and a little help from her .................... abilities. When Diana arrives at the magical city of Vorantia, everyone is afraid of her. Everyone except an elf with emerald green eyes. Why? What is her connection to this boy? Why can she hear what he thinks? Why can she feel what he feels? As Diana is introduced into the world of magic, she discovers the secrets that this place holds. But some secrets are best left buried........ Her story is unfinished. Her tale untold. But then...... can a fairy tale be complete without a fairy? ********************EXCERPT************************* He stared intently at her face for a moment and his eyes widened in sudden dread. "You-y-you're one of t-them??" "One of who?" "You're a s-spy!" The fear in his face now mingled with indignation. "Don't play games with me! I k-know who you're with! I - I - I'm not scared of you!" "Look! I don't know where I am and I want to go home!" "Gurgof!!" He spat. "You have the audacity to come here after what your people did to us! To me!" His tone seethed with bitterness. "Who else did you come to target? Who else will you take from me?" "Relax, okay! I came here by mistake. Just tell me how to get home and I'll be gone." Diana put up her hands defensively, alarmed by the sudden change in the boy's demeanour. There were angry tears in his vivid green eyes and his whole body shook with emotion. "You will not go anywhere." His voice was very faint. "You will not succeed again." His hands balled into fists. "You will pay the price of their crime!" he screamed, before launching himself towards her.