Story By Donna Delacerda

Donna Delacerda

I have lived in Texas most of my life and am a proud Texan. Through books I have traveled the world. I would love for others to experience that joy.
The Cursed Academy
Updated at Dec 16, 2021, 00:42
Dare to be a teen -- Meet My Hybrid girl mainline for Stary Writing Academy III Contest. I want to have a NORMAL high school experience. I don't care about my maternal grandmother's gift of sorcery on my 16th birthday. My grandmother and mother are forcing me to attend school for formal magic training. But, in order to attend, I cannot reveal that I am also a werewolf- a hybrid. My Father is a werewolf and my mother is a witch. They want me to leave our pack and attend my grandmother's old school. What could possibly go right?