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crazy Sunshine

Hi guys I am interested in writing stories. I am from India. Please comment your opinions on my stories. My pseudonym name is VINI
Updated at Mar 17, 2023, 11:18
Hi guys the story contains mature content. Story is about mafia and ddlg. Jayden Genovese and kayden Genovese are the twin brothers and the head of the mafia. Genovese family is the number one in mafia families . Every one will fear for Genovese. Matthew Genovese is the father of twins and head of the Genovese family he died dut to heart attack. So twins took his father position. Skylar Williams is the daughter of Robert Williams. She is good and innocent girl. She is 19 and till now she did not leave her house for a second. She will take online classes and exams. Robert Williams is the right hand for matthew Genovese. He help the twins to took over and deal with their family business. How Skylar will meet the twins and what happens between them. Don't stree to much just read the story. If you can't comment then message me In insta. Insta I'd _sunshine1476
Intertwined Souls of werewolves
Updated at Aug 26, 2022, 09:52
He is the alpha of the pack. she is the beta daughter and she doesn't want to be beta. Both are best friends from childhood.They will die for each other and they are waiting for their mates. Alpha got rejected by his mate and he hides that from everyone. Alpha finds out she is his second chance mate and he is on cloud nine but then her mate enters the scene. Alpha know how long she waited for her mate and he want to hide the truth about second chance mate but he is not able to control his feelings.... So what will happen....... Not only this both main leads are Hybrid's. They are Royals. They are many secrets that they don't know. . so this story contains love, friendship , fighting for power and saving there packs, Royal secrets......