Story By Lacxus


I am inlove with literatures and I live into different kinds of stories.I am so in love with Writing! I believe that limitations is just in your mind so,if you want to know more about me. My chat box is always free! ????
The Virgin Mom
Updated at Jul 4, 2022, 23:13
Synopsis I am a virgin, no kiss, no touch, no sexual fingering and exciting sexual intercourses, yet I have my child? How did this happen? And, Geeezzz! I also have a total package and instant husband! This is crazy!
Warrior in Bed
Updated at Nov 22, 2020, 05:51
I am a WARRIOR FROM THE PAST and now I woke up inside the body of a "MARRIED WOMAN", How could I pretend as her and live her life, If she is living in the PRESENT? How could I deal with a STRANGER HUSBAND? Will he find out, that I am not the girl that he'd marry?