Story By shadowclan89


I have been writing since I elemtry school I did have a poem published in the schools flyer years ago. I crochet and work a full time job and I also volunteer at the local library.
Blood Moon Tells All
Updated at Sep 15, 2023, 12:27
This is about a girl who discovers who she is. who her family is and what her destiny is for her. For a hybrid wolf witch and something else we don't know. But as things get started in an action packed, romance, and not to mention revenge on a previous pack. Many things will come to light with in this book.
The Witch Gemini
Updated at Mar 8, 2020, 12:22
"Gem you need to calm down." I growled at her "No I will not calm down that b***h tried to kill you!" She yelled back "I know but you know that I am trained in the combat arts of the fey and demons. You made sure I know how to defend my self." I replied in a soft tone to try to keep her from exploding every one around her. "Lexi, if anything happens to you I wont be human I will go full demon and I will not return till your soul returns me." She said as she was backing me up into the wall then with glittering black and red eyes she leaned down to my ear and whispered " I will not stop killing until I find the one responsible for taking you away from me. I will not rest till the life he took has been paid back ten fold." Damn this would be scary to others but for me knowing she cares that much for me and loves me that much. with this air of danger and death on the line its a huge turn on. so I moved and kissed her hard with full of passion and strength. Preying that nothing will ever separate us. And if something does god rest their soul if she is on the hunt.