Story By Cassandra Estepp

Cassandra Estepp

Crimson Mate
Updated at Dec 28, 2020, 21:52
I have never understood why I'm not worthy. I have always respected all members of the Ruby Moon Pack. I even accept the horrible treatment of all the members, even the pups.. I only want to be happy. I want to be loved, protected.. I want my mate. I'll be 18 on the next full moon, hopefully He'll save me.. Hopefully he will take me away, away from all the abuse, the savage beatings, the unwanted physical contact.. Hopefully.. he'll want me. Who am I kidding? No one would want me. Eleanor, Ruby Moon's personal pet, their personal slave, their reluctant sex toy.. their dirty, sorry orphan that was found abandoned. Hell, my parents didn't want me.. but maybe..