Story By Jhema


Doctor Devil
Updated at Oct 19, 2021, 08:05
Hi there, my name is Lucifer and I think you know who am I already. I have gone by many names from the dawn of time- the prince of darkness, the serpent, Satan- the list goes on and on, and I didn't ask for these names but I guess it kinda grew on me. Well, at least it tells you all you need to know, I am the whole personification of evil. I'm sure you are familiar with the old story about my rebellion against dear old dad which led to a great war in heaven- blah blah, and in the end, my father cast me down from the heavens. What you haven't heard though is about a certain time when I lived among you humans as one of you. Shocker right? But yeah, I did, and the only way you could understand this story is if I start from the beginning so here goes, this story began in the city of New York, sometime around fall the year 2020... ** ** ** Dr. Henry Bates, a scientist researching interdimensional portals becomes accidentally possessed by Lucifer, Lord of hell and the prince of darkness after an experiment goes wrong. Now Lucifer is determined to understand what it is to be human, taking on the doctor's identity while he figures out what triggered Henry's portal to lead to hell in the first place. His decision would attract a lot of friends, enemies, lovers, and emotions as well as rekindle grudges that have been held since the great war in heaven. Would his ordeal he more than he bargained for or would life as a human be a walk in the park?