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Elysium of Daffodils
Updated at Dec 27, 2021, 21:56
Just like summer and winter which is the total opposite of each other; Demetria and Theros was the same too. Ice would melt in fire, snow would melt when the hot summer sun would be out. Hot and cold, they're not meant to be together. Demetria Blyss Cosma, one of the daughters of the great Cosma Family was married to the most sought out bachelor in the country; the CEO of the Sullivan's Chain of Hospitals, Theros Rhegan Sullivan. Their marriage started when Demetria agreed to her grandfather's request to marry his best friend's grandson. But it was never a fruitful marriage. It was a total disaster. She tried her best to mend their marriage. She's desperate enough to gain his attention but all her efforts went down the drain when she found out that her husband had a mistress. With a heavy heart, she died on the very same day she found out. But a chance to change her fate sees her when she went back two years to the past. And of course, to change her fate was to avoid her marriage. "Hinding hindi ko siya papakasalan," buo ang loob na wika niya habang masamang nakatingin sa larawan ni Theros. "She's too loud. We're not compatible." Can Demetria change her fate or would she walk on the same path once again that leads to her miserable death?
Seize the Crown
Updated at Nov 9, 2021, 21:05
It's dark, cold and stuffy. Was death supposed to feel like this? It feels like I am drowning. It's uncomfortable. I thought, maybe if I could die, I could be free from loneliness, pain and regrets. If only I had known that death would be like this, I wish I wasn't dead. If only I could return back to the past. If only I could change everything and start all over again. "…elle…" Huh? "…vielle…" Someone's calling me. Was it that bright light? "Evielle!" I wanted to answer but my throat hurts. Air is the only thing that comes out from my mouth. "Evielle! Evielle!" I tried to touch that bright light but it is too far. Should I run? Should I take the risk and go to where the light is? Is it heaven? "Wait," I whispered and ran towards the light. Even running in here is hard, it feels like I'm running while my feet is stuck in the mud. Heaven. Could I find my peace in there? Can I see my mother the empress once again? Thinking about meeting my mother makes my heart skip a beat. I tried my best to go towards the bright light and it came closer and closer. I can finally get out of this place. When I finally touch the bright light and went inside it, it feels like I was showered with a bucket of water, full of ice that makes me jump out of the bed. Jump out of the bed? My eyes widen in realization and pinched my face. Was all of that just a dream? But it felt so surreal. My neck. My neck is intact! Thank goodness! "Your highness? Are you up?" I turned to look at the door and Jeanna's face came to greet me. "Good morning princess!" She greeted and motioned the other maids that brought a basin, a towel and a soap. I was just staring at her the whole time. This… Why am I in my room in the Misty Palace? Why… Why is Jeanna here? I didn't noticed the tear that rolled from my cheeks as I was staring at Jeanna. Jeanna… She was supposed to be dead. People that I know who were supposed to be dead are here. I had come back five years to the past. I had the chance to change everything worth changing. And I swore that I would never walk the path towards the miserable future that awaits me. I will not be the perfect princess everyone wants me to be. I'll change my destiny. I'll change the destiny of the Solaireans. I'll change the future of this empire. And this time, I'll live not to impress, I'll live not to live the life that anyone wanted me to have, but I'll live the life the way I wanted it to be.