Story By Lois Chionye

Lois Chionye

The Lycan King's Prey
Updated at Nov 13, 2023, 05:51
Selene Crow's life has always been from one sorrow to another—from being an orphaned omega, to being looked down upon and mistreated by most members of the general werewolf society. Same as those like her, she is deemed only good for breeding and being cast away afterwards. After a cruel rejection that leaves her hopeless, she finds herself mated to the supposedly cruel and immensely powerful Lycan King, who is determined to bend her to his will. Her duties are crystal clear: produce heirs and serve the Lycan King with her mind, soul and body. Now, Selene will have to choose if she finally wants to fight for herself and her freedom or simply resign to being a defenseless prey for the rest of her life. But . . . what if the man she is so hell bent on pushing away, is the one that can truly set her free?