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manu meera

his buddies , wish all of u welcome to dream , what to say about me , I\'m a the person who loves to waste time as much as I can , even if I have exams still I won\'t leave my phone , that my time waster I\'m , so I thought y no write what all wierd story plots that comes toy mind , so that I can come back n read what all nonsense I wrote n laugh at so myself remembering wow , I can alsowrite something that can at least entertain myself ... so my dear readers if u don\'t like r find my story total nonsense pls don\'t scold r s curse me ,
Entangled in his love
Updated at Aug 22, 2022, 03:03
a innocent n beautiful girl named sathi .....born in a very traditional family .....was going to get married within a day ...but suddenly ....some one kidnapped her .....n the next day she was found in front of her house unconscious in a very controversial position ....till then some were worried about the girl. some spread bad rumors..about the girls character .......but after she was found ........n the doctor conforming that she was rapped n no longer pure in the socities eyes .........this news spread like wild fire ......but at the end this narrow minded society ...made only the girl as a culprit ........said that she did an unforgivable sin ...she no longer have a right to live in their respected society ......killed innocent sathi with their .cruel words n curses n to protect his so called respect in his community sathis father devendra das....disowned his own daughter ...n pushed her on roads to die ...but don\'t ever put step in his house again .... n the grooms family ..who adorderd sathi till yesterday .....cursed her ....character ...n break the alliance n made their son Ajay kapoor ...marry his rich best friend Mr Rudra umapatis s only sister meera umapatis .... with time passed every thing was going good but what happened to sathi .... where is she ? is she alive r dead ? some say she committed suicide .... some say she is a cheap girl .....who sleeps with men for money .... so what is the truth .....what happened to sathi who was her culprit ......y she was rapped just before the day of her marriage ....