Story By Shadow Neko

Shadow Neko

Writing is my passion. I have been writing for so long that it\'s almost second nature to me. Don\'t forget to follow me on social media! @ShadowNeko94 "The Alpha\'s Abused Daughter"
Waking With No Memories
Updated at Aug 6, 2022, 17:25
After waking, Mavros discovers he has no memories. A party of adventurers help him get to the closest city and soon, he is set to be become the Duke's "family". Follow Mavros' journal in becoming an adventurer and a hero.
The Alpha's Abused Daughter
Updated at Dec 13, 2021, 16:54
I am tired of hurting and feeling afraid. I just want to be with my family again. 'I am nothing more than the worthless Omega orphan of Crimson Hollows Pack.' That is my last thought as I fall into a restless sleep.