Story By Tiffany Myriah

Tiffany Myriah

I\'m originally from Las Vegas, but have travelled all over the states, seeing all sorts of things that drove me to write. I just recently made the move from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and am grateful to everyone for being patient with my lack of writing during this chaos. I will be updating a minimum of once a week by Fridays and will do my best to get in two updates a week as I settle in to full time at my new job. I love the ocean, cars, the outdoors, nature and some of that always bleeds into my writing. I have several pieces that I\'m working on and would love some feed back on my work.
The Tiger Luna
Updated at Feb 5, 2024, 09:58
Frost Winters is a fearless woman, especially when it comes to getting what she wants. She isn't afraid to live her life in the fast lane and she's never thought she needed much of anyone in her search for justice. She always thought that she was perfectly fine on her own, that is, until he walks into her life and gives her so much more. Hail Winston is the bad boy billionaire who never asks for anything and takes what he wants. He can have any woman he puts his sights on, until her. The one that changed everything. Will he be able to help her get the justice that she so desperately seeks and will they be able to cope with all of the obstacles that fate will throw their way? Can they keep their love aflame when even the very gods are throwing challenges at them? Come join the thrilling ride and dive into the tangled web of passion with The Tiger Luna.
The Fallen: Angels of Darkness
Updated at Oct 20, 2023, 18:33
What if the story we've always been told is wrong? What if Lucifer wasn't some savage monster? What if the Nephilim were real? Phoenix was raised to be the Alpha of her pack, but, when her father dies, her life begins to unravel in ways she never foresaw. Will she be able to cope with the new life she's been thrust into or will fate be more than she can bear? When everything that she has ever known is ripped from under her feet Phoenix is forced to adapt or die, but how do you come to grips with learning that your life is nothing like what you thought?
Blue Moon Goddess
Updated at Sep 18, 2023, 16:35
Willow was the unwanted child of the Blue Forest pack Beta and had been cast aside the instant she was born as a wolf. What no one seems to realize is that she was sent by their own Goddess. Will Nicklaus be able to convince his self doubting mate that she is even more powerful than even him? Can he convince his mate that she is stronger than even the Lycan Alpha in order to save all of the supernatural?