Story By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Best Horror Novels
Updated at Dec 22, 2020, 02:05
Horror is a genre of speculative fiction which is intended to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers by inducing feelings of horror and terror. It shocks, or even frightens the reader, or perhaps induces a feeling of repulsion or loathing. It creates an eerie and frightening atmosphere. Horror is frequently supernatural, though it might also be non-supernatural. Often the central menace of a work of horror fiction can be interpreted as a metaphor for the larger fears of a society. This book is a special collection of best horror novels of all time. Plunge into this frightening atmosphere in order to release your fear. Here they are : CARMILLA by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu CURIOUS, IF TRUE: STRANGE TALES by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell DRACULA by Bram Stoker FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE by Robert Louis Stevenson THE BURIAL OF THE RATS by Bram Stoker THE DUNWICH HORROR by Howard Phillips Lovecraft THE EMPTY HOUSE AND OTHER GHOST STORIES by  Algernon Blackwood THE GREAT GOD PAN by Arthur Machen THE HOUSE OF THE VAMPIRE by George Sylvester Viereck THE KING IN YELLOW by Robert William Chambers THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving THE MAGICIAN by W. Somerset Maugham THE METAMORPHOSIS by Franz Kafka THE NIGHT LAND by William Hope Hodgson THE RAVEN by Edgar Allan Poe THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME by Howard Phillips Lovecraft THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allan Poe THE VAMPIRE MAID by Hume Nisbet THE YELLOW WALLPAPER by Charlotte Perkins Gilman A well-formatted, easy-to-read book suitable for any e-reader, tablet or computer. The reader will go from one section to another one as quick as possible.