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Blue Rosé

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Beauty and the Billionaire
Updated at Aug 15, 2023, 02:06
Claire is a beautiful, feisty and carefree Chicago girl. All she needed was a job. Her bills were piling. After two months of unemployment, she was finally getting a a contract babysitter after previously working at a company as a marketer before they downsized. She swallows her pride and decides to make do.Imagine her shock when she finds out that the man she had met one drunken night after a party- and had smashed his windscreen for splashing water at her and her friend as they made their way home- is the son of her employer. Turns out the billionaire, Jayden Rex, the CEO of Rex Corporation is the first son of the family she would be working for. At least he had the grace to let her keep her babysitting job, but only as torture- Claire was soon to find out she would be babysitting one of the most spoilt and obnoxious seven-year-olds she would ever meet in her life.And then Claire will begin to fall for Jayden. Problem is, the very eligible bachelor is unavailable. After a traumatic experience with a woman he had truly loved in the past, he was averse to love. To get his mother's pressures of marrying the daughter of a family friend off his shoulders, Jayden would resort to having Claire play the role of pretend girlfriend to convince his mother that he was already taken, even though he and Claire have absolutely no feelings for each other...or so, they thought. They fake a relationship until they begin to grow real affection for each other.  In the midst of Claire's daunting task to take care of the annoying kid, she would find out more about the cold and unreachable Jayden who had shut his heart out to the world. They would annoy each other to no extent and they would still crave each other's company.  They would coat their attraction in resentment but it would still be there and glaring. Claire would see sides to the popular billionaire that hardly anyone else ever saw- because he would show her. He would let her into his life without even knowing it. And then Jayden's old flame is back...and she is not ready to leave this time. Will Jayden's niece's babysitter become more than that to him? Will their egos finally allow them to admit their feelings for each other? Will their love stand the hurdles that come their way- inclusive but not limited to the other people in their life?And when Claire gets her dream job in another- farther- city, will she leave Jayden and the little girl she's become so fond of? Will Jayden let her go?Find out...
This Thing of Ours
Updated at May 15, 2023, 22:48
This Thing of Ours ...A mafia romance story. Cosa Nostra, a word used to describe the way of the mafia, literally means: "our affair, our thing, this thing of ours." For Siena it would mean the confusing torrent of relationship between her and Ricci DiAmbrossi. The two are very high-ranking members of an American mafia family and Italian mafia family respectively. They meet under unique circumstances and their attraction for each other is put to the test. Will it bring them together or will it tear them apart? In the horizon, a common enemy surfaces and they have to trust each other to come out victors. If this brings them together, then the other guy in Siena's life has other plans. And Siena is torn; it would take all her willpower and perception to make the right choice because roses also come with thorns.