Story By Tiffany Autumn McDow

Tiffany Autumn McDow

I am a book dork who can live off reading. I have random stories pop in my head and finally decided to let other read them.
His Mated Princess
Updated at Oct 13, 2020, 21:11
It has been 20 years since Charlie became the Moon Goddess and numerous things have changed in the Wolf Spirit World. There was a short era of peace between packs, no more plots of revenge or threats of war. It seemed like everyone had forgotten about a silent fued between the Ectera family and the Stanosa family that went all the way back to the start of the Wolf Spirit World. A fued that caused pain, suffering, betrayal, and death. Out of all that two people found each other and fell in love. It was their love that brought the Wolf Spirit World about. Over time the two lovers were named the Originals and their story told through out time by the Moon Goddess Priestess. Unfortunately, there was somethings left out about their story and it was there turn to meddle around in affairs.
The Impossible Mate
Updated at May 27, 2020, 17:55
I was raised up knowing that I would the next Alpha of the Waning Moon Pack the most strongest pack in our area. I grew up being told how important it is to have a mate. I had been looking for a mate for 2 years and was close to giving up until I was summoned to help my Uncle Alpha Orin. That visit changed everything. Join Sean on his journey of ending a family war and finding his mate.
Reluctant Mate
Updated at Apr 30, 2020, 20:14
On my 18th Birthday everything changed. I had a plan to leave my pack after my birthday party but the way I left was not how I planned. I had found my mate. I never wanted a mate at all and it seemed like my mate wanted nothing to do with me either. Or so I thought. Embark on an adventure that will bring you tears, anger, heartbreak, betrayal and possibly a love that won't be denied.