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“Dream the way you live. ‘Til one day, you’ll live the way you dreamed.” — Keyydot Hi! I am Kenny with the pen name Keyydot. Hope you’ll support my stories! Thank you ❤️
My Possessive Sexy Doctor (Possessive Series #3)
Updated at Jan 6, 2023, 13:19
Maria Aila Dela Paz had no other choice but to ask help from THE Kiel Thaddeus Saldivar, her ex-boyfriend who happened to be a successful and the most-sought after surgical oncologist as of today. They had a not-so-good past when she cheated on him, back when they were still together. But now fate... no, she made them see each other again because of one thing... and that is to save the only family she has, her sister. The first time she laid eyes on him after how many years, she couldn't deny the strange feelings she didn't know were still there. But she had a sister who badly needs to be saved. So as Kiel had a girlfriend, and they were already engaged. Now, why the hell is she still feeling this way? This lame attraction she feels towards Dr. Kiel Saldivar should be stopped. But the question is... how? My Possessive Sexy Doctor by: Keyydot
My Possessive Hunk Husband (Possessive Series #1)
Updated at Jan 9, 2021, 21:00
Avery Guevarra Lim, a lady with class and a class achiever tends to marry a Class-A womanizer, Raven Lim. They quarrel and annoy each other the whole time but despite that, a secret is hidden somewhere between them. Would they accept the fact? Or they'll run away from it? My Possessive Hunk Husband by: Keyydot Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.
My Possessive Hot Professor (Possessive Series #2)
Updated at Nov 12, 2020, 05:30
Lauren Cassidy Imperial, a junior college student who later had a very exciting yet complicated life after she met the ‘God’s gift to women’ hot professor, Shiloh Seth Montreal. They managed not to fall in love with each other as certain circumstances forced them not to... and that’s because they’re going to be step-siblings. Would they pursue their love for each other? Or sacrifice it for the greater love? Let’s find out together how Cupid will spare the hearts of Shiloh Seth Montreal and Lauren Cassidy Imperial as we go along their journey towards a lifetime. My Possessive Hot Professor Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.