Story By nduluechinenyenwa03


My Tycoon Husband
Updated at Jun 5, 2024, 23:26
In a shocking tale of deceit and betrayal, Olivia's vengeful step-sister, Ava, secretly slips her a potent aphrodisiac, intent on sabotaging her relationship with their parents and claiming the coveted Jacobs family inheritance for herself. But fate has other plans. In a drunken haze, Olivia stumbles into the arms of Lucas Miller, a wealthy and influential mogul, at an upscale hotel. Unbeknownst to her, their chance encounter sets off a chain reaction of events that will shake the very foundations of the Jacobs family empire. As Olivia awakens to a room full of cold, calculating stares, she realizes she's trapped in a web of conspiracy and deceit. Ava's sinister plan has only just begun to unfold, threatening to destroy everything Olivia holds dear. Will Ava succeed in her ruthless quest for power and wealth, or will Olivia find a way to outsmart her treacherous step-sister and reclaim her rightful place in the Jacobs family? Dive into this gripping tale of family drama, betrayal, and seduction to find out.