Story By Tiffany Ann Chapman

Tiffany Ann Chapman

I’m a mom going to college trying to earn a better life. My major is in Pharmacy. In spare time I like to write stories but most of the time I like to read everyone else’s stories. I live in the US! I love the outdoors and camping. I’m a down to earth person who would do anything to help anyone else. If anything you like to know, just ask!
Luna Bella
Updated at Nov 13, 2020, 19:20
Luna Bella is the daughter of one of the best Alpha’s, Alpha Mark Sven! Bella is about to find out that she is the most powerful white wolf. There has never been a white wolf in wolf history until her. She will have the powers along with her future mate that could possibly bring down the toughest of them all. Her future mate will be of the Alpha bloodline and be noted as the most notorious Alpha of all time! Alpha Mason of the Raven moon Pack who’s power is heard through out the land and his fist rules as an Iron Maiden! How will the two react when they find out their mates? How will Bella handle the news from her parents on her sixteenth birthday that she is the white wolf? And how will they handle there heighten senses of a war that’s to come?