Story By Lois T Skelton

Lois T Skelton

From a place where most the world don\'t know about. A place where it is just a dot on the map. The independent state of Samoa, where we say, "Samoa muamua le Atua." in English translation it means Samoa God will always be first. I\'m a mixed Polynesian, half Samoan, quarter Germany, and quarter black.
The Sacred Tatau(Tattoo)
Updated at Jul 13, 2020, 16:53
She was born into a world without flaws, made to believe that perfection is everything in anything. She was taught to lead great battles, to be a mighty warrior, to be fearless and to be perfect in all her ways. She will come to learn that those before her failed to inherit their destiny. A link in defiance that had pushed her to become brighter, better and so much more than just being perfect. She was arranged to marry the perfect man, to be the perfect wife, and as her sacred duties to keep the line of enchantment in power must be in all but gloriously beautiful. Her grace and beauty have carried words through out suitable kingdoms. Her fearlessness has carried through out the unknown territories. She is the perfect aroma of perfection until she met him.