Story By Destiny B.

Destiny B.

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Kissed by the Moon Goddess
Updated at Oct 1, 2023, 20:25
‼️ FREE STORY UPDATED EVERY 2-3 DAYS ‼️ WARNINGS: SEXUAL CONTENT, DOMESTIC ABUSE, SUICIDE, GRIEF, AND VIOLENCE! Melanie Stokes is Alpha Damon’s eldest daughter and heir. Jaxon Miller is the fatherless male wolf that snatches the title right from underneath her. After they begin to work together as Alpha and Beta, they make a deal to have a casual relationship until the Mating Ball, when they will both meet their mates and decide their fates from then. What happens when Jaxon discovers they are mates a month before the ball and that the Moon Goddess chose her from birth to become a member of “The Alpha Council” that will force her to leave the pack? Can he make her fall in love with him before her hatred causes her to reject him? Can love even prevail the challenges they will face if she does choose him? Find out when you read, “Alpha Jaxon” by Destiny B.
A Pen and a Plate: A Delicious Love Story
Updated at Sep 30, 2023, 09:03
Kiara and Candice have been best friends for four years, but Kiara has never met Candice's older brother, Trey. After Trey left to pursue a culinary career, Candice had to take care of their little brother and handle the bills due to their mom's struggles with alcoholism. To escape her own troubles after a cheating boyfriend, Kiara ends up having a one-night stand with a stranger at a bar. The twist comes when Kiara realizes that the stranger is Trey at the homecoming party Candice invites her to. Kiara asks Trey to keep their encounter a secret, but they keep finding themselves drawn to each other. Eventually, the strained relationship between Candice and Trey improves and she asks her to help Trey bring more attraction to his restaurant. As Kiara and Trey spend more time together, working on the restaurant's menu and advertising, they fall in love but fear the consequences of revealing their relationship to Candice. Will they find the courage to be honest and risk everything for love?
The Alpha’s Mate
Updated at Aug 1, 2023, 17:15
17-year-old Angelique Baker is forced to move to a new town under mysterious circumstances. Starting a new school at the end of her senior year has already turned her world upside down, but just wait until she finds out she’s mated to a werewolf and discovers the secrets her dad has been keeping from her since her mom’s disappearance.