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I am a professional hacker and I am a criminology student I am 20 years old, I don\'t have any IDs or any other IDs, I only have a school ID I still have a lot to learn, can you guide me, I still have a lot to learn, can you guide me on my journey
the black magician teleport to the another word book 1
Updated at May 14, 2024, 09:55
Elias Thorne, or Eli for short, wasn't your typical hero out of a fantasy novel. No grand adventures, no battles fought. He was a creature of habit, content in the predictable world of code and coffee. Yet, fate, it seemed, had a cruel sense of humor. One ordinary Tuesday, in the familiar confines of his favorite booth at "The Pixel Diner" in the bustling port city of Aethel, Eli's routine life took a spectacular nosedive.It began with a flicker on his ever-reliable laptop screen. A frown creased his brow, a muttered curse escaping his lips. The usual troubleshooting tricks failed him, the screen remaining stubbornly blank, replaced by a swirling vortex of static. Panic, a rare visitor, gnawed at the edges of his composure. This wasn't a simple software glitch; it felt...deeper, more ominous.Suddenly, the static coalesced, morphing into a swirling portal of emerald light. Mesmerized, Eli leaned closer, the hum in his skull intensifying. Before he could react, a surge of energy ripped him from his chair. The last thing he registered was the panicked shout of the diner owner, "Eli! What's happening?"The sensation of falling was an eternity. Disoriented and gasping for breath, Eli finally crashed onto a bed of soft moss. Dazed, he sat up, his eyes taking in the impossible vista before him. Gone was the comforting hum of the city, replaced by the symphony of an alien forest. Towering trees, impossibly tall, scraped the sky, their leaves shimmering an ethereal silver under a double sun. Strange, bioluminescent flowers, unlike anything he'd ever seen, carpeted the forest floor, casting an otherworldly glow.scrambled to his feet, a guttural growl echoed through the trees. Panic surged – he was no hero, but base survival instincts kicked in. He needed shelter, fast.this story has a bad influence, it's not allowed for children, if you read it, you need an old companion to understand the situation today because it's killing a friend he kills the weak and kills monsters his life as before His classmates always bully him because he is so weak now he goes to another world he will prove that he is strong
Across the divide:an angel Unholy Desire
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Demons and angels are very angry with humans because they use black energy to kill their races, demons and the head is the history because of Aethel in the early days someone used it Black energy and it's not under his control and he destroyed two kingdoms But fortunately the two stopped them.To stop him, the angel and the devil worked together.Your two kings and angels must work together to defeat the black energy Nakiri and Aesthetics Brothers who want to conquer the two kingdoms Celestial and inferia In order for them to do that, they have to kill a lot of people because they will use people's blood to absorb it to become black energy.The black energy came from the sky a long time ago because there was a big rock that was seen by someone He touched it and that's where the black energy came from, the fall of the stone, there was a black energy that was obtained from nature and from angels and demons, it mixed and became a block energy For the two kingdoms to win, they need warriors, two of the angels knight and 15 demons Lord to defeat the kingdom of mortalis The one who defeated the first pillow or used lock energy, the king of the celestial king Leslie and kingdom inferia king Troy, they were the two who were the first to use black energy, Anna, But he has two children, only Nakiri and Aestnetic, their mother died, they are brothers and sisters, they will overthrow the two kingdoms celestial and inferia 50 years late