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STORY BY Evelyn-Obah

Classic lady

Classic lady

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I'm Evelyn Carter. All my life, I have prayed, cried and fasted so many times just for my efforts to be proven. For it to glow like a bright star but seems like none of it was working at all but then I Ieant something, do you know what?? 1___It's never too late to struggle harder and be where you want to be. 2___If I really want to be the classic lady that I have always wanted to be, then I've got to focus and forget about all the side distractions. So After so much struggling and hardworking, I finally got there. She was rich, famous for her household goods and finally became a high self made classic lady. But then again, there was another problem. She turned into a living weirdo: 1___ she couldn't fall in love with anybody and never had sex. 2__she became addicted to alcohol and then decided to choose a weird route to entertain herself sexually. In fact, you could call her a total pervert. What weird route did Evelyn Carter took to satisfy herself and how was she conquered by love itself turning her life around.

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