Story By C. I. Avila

C. I. Avila

You and only You are responsible for your life choices and destiny.
Red Rose and the White Wolf
Updated at Dec 17, 2020, 00:00
Red Rose Windsor is a 17-year-old beautiful, slender and courageous teenager from Arkansas. She was born and temporarily raised by her mother and adoptive father. Red Rose suspected something was a little off when her mother last returned from her trip. She tried to sell her when she was finally at age. Nevertheless, she lived a relatively normal life among other supernatural beings. It wasn’t until she bumped into a gorgeous white wolf that caught her attention. James Edward Knight is the human behind the white wolf and her life finally began to make sense. Red Rose takes an instant liking to James and became very good friends. However, James proved to be muscular and seemed to have an unhealthy obsession to become the strongest leader of his pack. He also took a liking in Red and he would always put her first. When a werewolf tries to attack Red, James springs to the rescue. But the pressure of James forbidden rule leaves him blind to Red’s affections. Red Rose soon learned that James was forbidden to mate with a witch because witches are werewolves’ number one enemy. Despite James’s forbidden rule, Red finds herself falling for the Werewolf. Only fate will decide whether he kills or protects her in the end. Finally, Red was sold and meets the person who will change her life forever. Red Rose will accept her new fate and accept the challenges that will appear to her. She will lose her mother and will learn to forget her affections for James. Will Red Rose ever find the love that she deserves? Will she ever see James Edward Knight again who is her true mate and to rule with her?
Queen of all Werewolves
Updated at Jan 3, 2020, 06:04
Esmeralda Ambrosia is now the Queen of all Werewolves. She stands strong next to her Kings, the protectors of their Queen, Ash Ambrosia and Brandon Ambrosia. At the age of 20, she has 2 sets of twins that need protection now. Esmeralda will do anything to protect her own family. Alpha Dale McKnight is now the Alpha of all Rogues. He is seeking vengeance for his best friend. Will Esmeralda live a long life with her growing family? Not all endings turn out to be the way we expect. We shall see.
The Lost Girl
Updated at Sep 20, 2019, 00:00
Esmeralda Knight, who tragically lost her adopted parents at a very young age, got lost in the forest running away from beasts, known as Rogues. Not knowing what her life would turn out to be, little Esmeralda ran into uneventful twist and turns. She had no idea what kind of special girl she was until she has revealed her identity at a very young age. She will encounter many obstacles in her life. Giving her a mate (or mates) to fill her love with romance, she will become the girl who she really is and shows no mercy to all Rogues who seeks her. Ash McKenzie is also a special boy living a werewolf life with his adopted father. He was born with his wolf and was able to shift early at a young age and no one knew how special this boy was. Ever since he heard about the tragedy, he felt restless and felt he must do something about it but being so little there wasn’t much he can do. So Ash waited until he was finally at age. With the help of his werewolf, Ash understood why he must stay strong for Esmeralda. It turns out, Esmeralda is his mate. Alpha Rogue and his best friend, Dale McKnight, were both kicked out of their packs at a very young age and became Rogues. They were savages and beasts that destroy the lives of others that come their way. Since the day Alpha Rogue destroyed a family, a child fled before his eyes. Alpha Rogue was captured by this special wolf he meets, but she got away. With the help of Dale McKnight, Alpha Rogue will do everything in his power to find this Lost Girl and make her his.