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❤️ I've always wanted to write but never did it. I love reading especially fantasy genre and anything magical! ❤️ Check out my thoughts, musings, other creative works on my FB / Insta
Rejecting the billionaire, or alpha
Updated at Aug 14, 2023, 08:29
? By a ​Dreame Contest Winner Writer Christabel, deeply enamored with Laxton for a decade, believed that he was her soulmate, destined to mark and mate her for life. She gave her everything to him, only to find her love and devotion unrequited. Awakened to the harsh reality, she heartbrokenly severs ties and wanted to move on. But then she found herself forced into a contractual relationship with Maxson. Maxson, a billionaire CEO, is human yet holds the power and wealth unmatched in the Silver Territory. His desire for Christabel is fierce and possessive, but will his humanity hinder his pursuit? Laxton, a breathtaking supermodel with a God complex, believed he could have it all: Christabel and every other woman he desired. Christabel's departure shakes him to his core, sparking an unprecedented level of desperation to get her back. As Maxson and Laxton fought for influence and affection, each fighting for more power and showing off their wealth and charm to draw Christabel back, she finds herself in a powerful position of choice. Who will she gravitate towards in the end? An enticing tale of a human billionaire's passion for a clueless werewolf, woven together with the frenzied efforts of a lovelorn werewolf desperate for redemption. #StaryWritingAcademyIV #Stary Writing Academy IV #WhoWillBeHermates #Who Will Be Her Mates #SummerUpdateProgram
Bella: Warrior Luna
Updated at Feb 27, 2023, 19:35
[COMPLETED - Book 1] - [Book 2 - Daily Updates] ?​Dreame Love Story Contest Winner Strong kickass heroine who doesn't turn submissive. Epic fight / war scenes, address mental health issues, most of the story is on journey of healing.. Bella King and Laxton were childhood sweethearts. When they found out that they're mates, happily ever after seemed blessed by the Moon Goddess... Right? Abused, threatened, and Laxton’s dark secret tore them apart. Abuse, emotional healing, physical healing, all takes a role in this story following Bella's path to healing. As Bella found a balance in her life, war came to her pack and with it, a Lycan Commander, Alex. Could Alex be her true mate? Could anyone even be worse than Laxton? Or should Bella just leave them both and lead her own life free of everything and everyone? “Mate.” The world seemed to vanish as I heard his whisper. There’s only the both of us in the world. My heart jumped in relief and joy. Our hands clenched tighter. We turned to look at each other. Then he kissed me for the first time and it was blissful, beautiful, and unforgettable. When we finally broke the kiss, he looked at me with such affection and love. “Well Myrtle, I believe that I owe you for your service. After this, I owe you and him nothing else,” I said as I stood over her and sliced open my body from my left chest to stomach deeply with the knife so that blood flowed rapidly on her, drenching her. I felt Alex rushed towards me and the White Witches gasping as I dropped the knife. “Bella, what are you doing!” Alex’s face was pale as I held on my stomach, blood overflowing my hand as I pressed on my wound. I smiled at him, my heart pained me beyond my physical self. This is a 2 part series in 1 book, addressing mental health issues, triggers for abuse, bloody and gore, and mature content. #StaryWritingAcademyIV #WhoWillBeHerMates #Who Will Be Her Mates #SummerUpdateProgram