Story By Jack Daisy

Jack Daisy

Writting, is my therapy. I create a whole new world in my stories. Reading is a therapy.?
Love Affair! My Playboy Stepbrother
Updated at Jan 30, 2024, 16:05
#Love Disobey Special Writing Contest. "I'll put you in seventeen positions within seven minutes" He whispered to me......Being a nerd girl in highschool, Jasmine was always bullied by a particular Playboy in school because she rejected him and didn't agree to be his woman.Suddenly, her mum gets married to a single father and her step brother turns out to be the bully guy at school who she rejected. Just when she thought that her life just got ruined, her stepbrother started developing sexual feelings towards her.What happens when Jasmine refused her stepbrother's advances and tried reporting him?How would Jasmine cope with living in the same roof with her playboy stepbrother who is a sex addict and the unexpected romance that started to ignite between them?Find out!
Rejected by the Alpha
Updated at Oct 24, 2023, 10:02
"I am the only person permitted to touch you, you are my mate and you are mine alone. Now spread those legs and be a good girl" His furious voice barked aloud.Alpha Darcy is a tough and ruthless Alpha and he have ruled his pack for years without a mate, suddenly the moon goddess appears to him and tells him that his destined mate is a servant girl named Beth. And he has to mate her to avoid doom on his pack.Alpha Darcey's original plan was to rule without a mate, but he has to follow his destiny and mate with the servant girl (Beth) to avoid future misfortunes.What happens when Beth is suddenly rejected by the Alpha and is being used as a sex slave? Alpha Darcy is stuck between saving his pack, and accepting his spurned mate. What would Alpha Darcy do, what bold decision would he make??Would bloom befall him, or will doom befall him from the consequences of his decision?Find out!!! To