Story By Rachel B.

Rachel B.

Hi Fellow readers, My name is Rachel B. I have always enjoyed writing books, I use to write so many tiny books, but never published them. Well I am taking that leap and testing the waters of this.
The King's Breded Mate
Updated at Aug 30, 2021, 22:07
"Alpha, this baby was left on our doorstep." An Omega carried a baby girl to the Alpha's office. The Alpha stood up from behind his desk walking to the Omega holding the baby. Looking down at the baby and sniffing the air. "What are we going to do with her? I can smell she is a wolf." "We will take care of her." The Alpha told the Omega, taking the baby away from her, and dismissing her. The Omega left, calling in the Luna of the pack to his office. Once the Luna was in the office, he handed her the baby, and told her that they would raise her. 18 Years Later.... "Emma, get in here NOW!" The Alpha boomed through the house, pissed off about something. Emma was mopping the 3rd floor hallway. putting the mop down, she walked down the stair, all the wolves in the hallway moved aside for her. When she get to the office, she went in and closed the door. "The Mating Ceremony is in a week, but before that, a few of the women that are becoming of age are to picked with some of the top wolves of the pack to bred. You are going to Bred with my Son. Go see the Doctor to get ready." The Alpha told her as she stood there frozen. "But.." Emma started to protest till his hand was around her neck putting her up in the air. "Remember, I saved your life, and I can take you right out of it." He paused "Now go." Putting her down she scurried out of the room and into the hallway, holding her neck. From that day on, she was planning to get out, and away from this pack. Will her Destined Mate be able to save her from her life of hell?