Story By CandyCrush


A lot of blood, and a lot of love. Its my book, yeah..
My Possessive Bully
Updated at Aug 10, 2023, 09:01
Zade and Zach. Zach and Zade Two opposites. Two absolutely unlikeable bitches. Yet their looks and grades demanded attention. Their glances at each other, ways of seeking revenge, competing for absolutely anything and trying to win and spit defeat on the other. Yet amidst all these, the infamous bully Zade was melting and Zach was the only reason. When Zach realized the same, and started to reciprocate, he discovers a stalker for himself. With recurring deaths and haunting threats, alongside with growing feelings, how will Zade and Zach for them?
I Hate You I Love You
Updated at Aug 7, 2023, 11:46
"Yasmine" My eyes rushed to the six feet overshadowing figure of a man, his developed torso and limbs packed with muscles under an everlasting businessman look of royalty. Those grey eyes creased, his jawline twisted and a smirk rang in his expression as he looked me up an down, like I was his toy. The son of King Leonardo. The one and only Prince Yash. My eyes rushed back and forth the man I despised as much as my father. No, he didn't deserve an ounce of my body, my time or my love. He would kill me the sooner I killed him, like he killed every girl in this village. "Now, your something different" His words made me growl, "And your just the same, prince."
Made For Each Other
Updated at May 31, 2023, 10:18
"You guys are made for each other" "I know right! How cute!", squealed another. The cliche made me sigh. I gave a pretense of a grin, as my typical husband smirked and said no more. The aunts who had to gossip continued. This arranged marriage was for benefits; that I kept telling myself. My dad who stood a few meters away hadn't taken his eyes off my gaze, and was not enjoying this glorious engagement function as much as me. I knew what to do. This marriage was so made for each other. Because I was made to kill him. And he? To love me.