Story By Sharo Rahi

Sharo Rahi

Hi Everyone I am Sharo Rahi! A writer. I live in my imagination and bring out a story.
My Father's Students
Updated at May 14, 2024, 23:12
A bold brave badass & savage girl falls in love with the boys who happen to be her father's students. Despite of being a genius she struggles with her poor mental health due to the pressure of society, parents and education system.How did she survive her days ?Does she get her life in her control?
It Was Never You
Updated at May 7, 2024, 04:18
Many Years of Friendship.Whay happens when new people come into their lives? How do they handle their personal and professional lives? How do they get rid of their horrible past? Do all survive in this game of life ? This story is very relatable,where people learn about their mistakes,their love,and their feelings. *** This is a LGBTQ friendly story.***It shares the stages of life of the characters in a slow and southing way. [#Canva] ©️All rights reserved ***little mature contents are there please avoid if not 18 +***