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Domino Thirteen 2: Legions of Death
Updated at Jul 25, 2020, 01:19
Dethrone whoever sits on the throne, cut the devil's horn, play with the demons but don't let them know. Domino Thirteen became the monster you've never expected. The Rulers of Death conquered all, dethroning any possible high rank sitting on the throne. As they unleash every member's secret, As they come to know the n**d secrets of Lock himself. Who is he? But the real question is; What's his motive behind everything he had done? All answers are here. Expect a mindblowing twist about the characters. Exclusive chapters available too. [Filipino]
Race Red
Updated at Jul 24, 2020, 22:20
"Could there be a love so selfish, one can grow mad?" Jovanne Rey was a secret racer who stopped racing because of an unknown stalker who'd always claim her as his. She never met him even once, even her memories five years ago was gone. She was bullied in her school, but she doesn't cry or blink when her bullies try to mess with her. A group of guys suddenly transferred to her school after getting drunk in a race. Who do you think was her stalker? And why does it feel like she knows the guys? [Filipino]
Domino Thirteen: Rulers of Death
Updated at Jul 24, 2020, 06:01
"How much do you love her?" Tanong ni Pierce kay Wrath. Wrath smirked. "I had her pictures in every corner of my room. That's how." The baritone voice of Wrath was enough to warn him that she was only his. "That's not love." Pierce whispered. [Filipino]