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Hi, my name is C.Tamika. I’m an author based in Europe, but originally from South-America. Follow me on Insta @chavon.tamika My Books: • His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies • His Promise: Happily Ever After • Our Promise: Vincenzo Garcia • The Castillo Cartel: Dear Marvin • Baby On Campus
Lycan Castiel
Updated at Jul 9, 2023, 08:26
Born an orphan, with no memories of her past life—Sophia was lucky enough to mate the Alpha of her pack. He loves her, and she loves him—but everything changes when she loses the love of her life in an attack and her pack gets murdered by a Lycan. In her darkest hour, a witch offers her a glimmer of hope: a chance to reset the tragic course of events. The catch? She must travel back to the 17th century, find a mythical sword, and kill Lycan Castiel. An eye for an eye. Not everything goes as expected when Sophia travels back to the 17th century and gets taken to the palace to become one of the king’s mistresses. There she finds out that the cold and cursed Lycan king, hiding under a mask, is the man she has to murder, and even worse—he is her second-chance mate. With this realization, Sophia is thrown into an internal battle. Her heart aches for the love she lost, but she can't deny her bond with Castiel, especially when she begins to understand his inner torment and manages to see the man beneath the beast. It gets even more complicated when unravels the truth about her identity. Was everything one big coincidence or did the witch send her back with a hidden agenda? Should she stay loyal to her first love and the life she once knew, or should she follow her own path?
His Promise (Book 1&2&3)
Updated at Jun 29, 2023, 04:32
HIS PROMISE SERIES BUNDLE. •BOOK 1: HIS PROMISE: THE MAFIA’S BABIES •BOOK 2: HIS PROMISE: HAPPILY EVER AFTER •BOOK 3: OUR PROMISE: VINCENZO GARCIA BOOK 1&2 Getting pregnant by her boss after a one-night stand and suddenly leaving her job as stripper was the last thing Serena had hoped for, and to make matters worse he is the heir to the mafia. Serena is calm while Christian is fearless and outspoken but somehow the two have to make it work. When Christian forces Serena to go through with a fake engagement she tries her hardest to fit in the family and the luxurious life the women live while Christian is fighting as hard as he can to keep his family safe, but everything takes a turn when the hidden truth about Serena and her birth parents comes out. Their idea was to play pretend until the baby was born and the rule was to not fall in love, but plans don't always go as expected. Will Christian be able to protect the mother of his unborn child? And will they end up breaking the rules? But most importantly, will he be able to keep his promise? BOOK 3 Vincenzo Garcia is the boss of the Garcia crime family. Three years after waking up from a coma, Vincenzo tries to restore all his dad has destroyed while moving on from a one-sided love. Aria Morales is the only heir to the Morales family. She is new in town and she is spoiled, opinionated, and has her eyes set on Vincenzo. After forcing him into an arranged marriage, she soon learns that the guy she had expected to be a true gentleman may not be as sweet as she thought and despises her with every bone in his body. With no way out of the loveless marriage, Aria is determined to find her way through his heart. Will she succeed?
The Castillo Cartel: Dear Marvin
Updated at Jun 19, 2023, 00:35
What could go wrong if your prison pen pal ends up being the son and heir of the head of the Castillo cartel? What more could go wrong when your overprotective dad is a DEA agent who is determined to take him down? When Elena Torres, the daughter of a DEA agent, lost a bet and decided to write a prisoner, she had not expected to get in contact with the son of a cartel boss, Marvin Castillo. What she also didn’t expect was for him to get released from prison or for him to take an interest in her. She was known to be the good girl. He was known to be a monster. It was clear that fate didn’t want them to be together, but what the universe did not know was that these two were destined to determine their own path.