Story By Brenda Minnaard

Brenda Minnaard

Hi all, and welcome to my writer page! I have only recently started my adventure as a writer, so I welcome all the support and feedback you can give me. My novels will always contain a kickass heroine, despite perhaps having a rocky start and having all the odds against them. You won’t find any willingly, massively submissive main female characters in my novels, as it is not my style. There will however be adversity and a lot of plot twists, of course! Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Fated is overrated
Updated at Apr 27, 2024, 12:29
*18+ content included!* also trigger warnings for sensitive topics If you are looking for a story with a submissive, all-forgiving female lead, this is not the novel for you. ***** She smirks, before asking “do you like that, my little mate?”. I’m too far gone to even care about the “little” part now, all I want is her tongue back where it was a second ago. “Yes..” I manage to breathe out, before she licks it again, and shortly wraps her lips around my tip. F*ck. I moan, shivering when she pulls back. “Say please, my little mate” she taunts, her eyes still glued to mine and her hand still pleasuring me. “Please Lola” I breathe out. And just like that, she wraps her mouth around the tip, before taking in my c*ck until it hits the back of her throat. We both moan loudly, and I close my eyes momentarily in pure ecstasy. I almost whimper when she pulls it out again to say “look at me while I please you”. I comply immediately, and she grins before continuing her delicious torture. Her other hand moves to play with my balls and I know I’m not going to last long. I’m panting and moaning like a hot mess, when I hear Lola’s moaning increase. I quickly avert my eyes back to Lola’s, not wanting to risk her to stop as I am so close to coming undone now. I can’t believe this is all happening. “I… I’m cumming” I croak out, when I feel I’m about to topple over. She pulls her mouth off, and immediately places my c*ck between her perfect breasts. Goddess this is hot. I move up and down slowly, as my cum starts to cover her breasts. “F*ck you are perfect” I breathe out in between my pants and moans. Lola is moaning louder and louder, as she is probably on the verge as well. ***** Lola is an omega within the Red Dagger pack. She was found as a baby abandoned in the woods by her adoptive mother, who has long passed by now. Lola is not your typical submissive she wolf. She is sassy, with anger issues bubbling just beneath the surface. With her curvy body, blonde hair and green eyes she is the total opposite of all the other wolves appearance wise. And as a result, is treated like an outcast after her best friend Chris – the alpha heir – turns on her without warning as young children. Ignored by almost everyone and bullied and beaten by her former best friend and his gang daily, Lola long awaits the day and year she turns 18 when she gets her wolf and is able to finish high school to leave Red Dagger. All she has to do is withstand one more schoolyear of it all, despite the constant desire to fight back and the struggles to reign in her anger. But what happens when the bucket runs over and her restraint finally snaps? What happens when she faces off those who have tormented her for years, thinking she is a weak little girl, although she has been secretly training hard for years on her own? As the story unfolds, she will come across those who desire her as well as her fated mates – the Lycan princes. Lola has never wanted a mate and after all betrayals is reluctant to trust anyone anymore – but will she let any of them in eventually? And what happens when her wolf is revealed and her origins are questioned when she gains special powers? Will she find her happy ever after with a mate, her fated mates, or stay alone?