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I love reading and am now trying my hand at writing. Be patient and be kind. I hope to learn and improve with every chapter. Share constructive criticism as this is all part of the learning process and help me grow in my writing. Constructive criticism is generally good for self-improvement and indirectly helps you to become more fruitful’ – Senora Roy I started a writer's page on social media, please follow me as I will share news and updates there. @Ainewriterspage
The Twin Alphas' Man-Made Luna
Updated at May 7, 2024, 15:40
Kinsley is created and raised with only one purpose, mate Alex Constance the next in line Alpha of the Osmium pack. Strengthen their blood line and their pack. With two brothers fighting over the Alpha title and now her, they strike a deal, a deal that only ended up backfiring on them. Alex Constance is the next in line Alpha of the Osmium pack, although he was already named heir, he has a twin brother who is constantly challenging him and making him feel like he needs to prove he was the right choice causing a riff in their relationship. Roman Constance on the other hand feels like he is always over looked. Alex was born first and therefor had everything handed to him, and no matter what Roman does, or what he achieves it never stands out next to Alex. Alex and Romans constant fighting and competing forced Kinsley to go into hiding where she not only finds herself for the first time, but gains new strength to now seek revenge for her still broken heart she was left with because of those Constance twins. Revenge might be why she returned but not why she ends up staying.
His Perfect Blue Moon Luna
Updated at Feb 12, 2024, 02:30
Adeline is an Alpha born, a title of an oldest daughter of an Alpha who has no male heirs. This title does not make her the next Alpha, but makes her true mate or chosen mate the next Alpha. She has dedicated her entire life to her pack and prepared everything for the day she is to be Luna of the Pine Creek Pack. Bret Hemming, son of the Pine Wood Beta. He is a strong believer in the werewolf traditions and just like Adeline believes in duty and placing the pack first. Adeline and Bret have been dating since 14 and decided to be chosen mates and for Bret to be the next Alpha of The Pine Wood pack. Alpha Connor Blackwood is the Alpha of the Aberrant Pack. A Pack that has separated themselves from the Werewolf community, they act within their own pack laws and does not seek approval from the council regarding any decisions or punishment for actions taken on their territory. Alpha Connor has been looking for his blue moon wolf distend to be his mate and bring salvation to his pack. When Alpha Connor forces Adeline to be his Luna a prophesy is set into motion she did not know about. A prophesy about two powerful entities that are separately very strong and contrary forces that can either be complementary and give rise to one another or destroy one another. Enemies will arise and packs turn against her making her have to choose between love and duty. What will she choose and what will the consequences be of her decision? #Dreame Writing Marathon—Love Story Contest