Story By Tiffany Speelman

Tiffany Speelman

Wait For Me
Updated at Feb 13, 2018, 11:16
Alex Stone has a problem with adrenaline. His issue got him locked up for two years, seprating him from his family and the only girl he's ever loved. Melody Sommer has moved on with her life, finding a new man, a new apartment, and a new lifestyle. She thought she was over Alex, but that was before he was finally released and begins to make apperances in her life once again. For Alex, its hard to keep his distance from Melody because of her tight bond with his family, even though he promised himself he would give her space. Having not known another love but Alex's, Melody is torn between keeping her easy, stress-free life, or diving back into the same exciting but tormenting life that Alex and her used to share. Despite himself, Alex cant help but want her all to himself again but knows its near impossible to woo the woman who harbored so much anger and resentment towards him. Even so, that doesnt stop either of them from finding themselves wrapped in each others heated embrace a time or two. With the inablitiy to deny each other, they figure out if they really are what each other needs or if its just old feelings thatnever left their deserted hearts.