"alphas possession harlow"Book Series:

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    The Alpha's Abused

    Ember P. Wolfread4.1MParanormal

    Bane is a girl with much baggage. Some would say too much baggage. Not being able to shift and defend herself from her father she sees no light to this dark tunnel she is currently in. That is until she meets the Big Bad Alpha Damien. Alpha Damien is close to losing hope of finding his mate. So much so that when he does encounter his mate he does something unforgivable. Will she be able to forgive him? Or will he end up treating her just like the man in her nightmares?

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    The Alpha's Daughter


    Gabrielle Quinn Bancroft is spunky, bold, fearless and is the only daughter of the notorious most merciless Alpha of the Blood Howlers. Enter gorgeous, mischievous, arrogant Alpha Titus Cohen. The star player in both sports and the ladies of Westhill High. When Aurburn High suddenly closes Gabi and her fellow teen wolves find themselves transferring to the next closest school which happens to be Westhill but there's one problem, Westhill is in between their territory and the rivalry pack's land. When the two finally meet it's as if two worlds are crashing into each other as they find that they're mates.

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    The Alphas Possession

    Andria Reedread2.3MParanormal

    *Completed* Sneak Peak... "He's our friend, so of course his bloody life has value! He's also innocent and is being blamed for something he didn't do. Release him now Nic!" I demanded. Dominic moved away and stared at Jake's messed up form before meeting my gaze again. "You are not the one calling the shots here Aubrey. He's a suspect so he stays here," he gritted out. "So am I! How many times do I have to get through to your thick head that he is innocent." "As your Alpha I do not accept disrespect Aubrey. Luna or not, I will not tolerate it." "What are you going to do? Whip me!" I snapped. I paused watching the guilt flash in his eyes before it faded away. "At least let me tend to him. He's hurt Nic, what if he dies for something he didn't do. He's lost a lot of blood so just please let me help him," I pleaded. Nic shook his head and faced me. His face was now passive as he looked over me. "Go home and stay in our chambers. We have the hearing this afternoon so get dressed." "What about Jake?" I could see his jaw visibly clench as he walked up to me. "You care too much for him Aubrey. He will stay here." "But Dominic..." "Enough! Go to the pack house now," he ordered in his Alpha tone. I couldn't help but bow as his command held a lot of authority. I looked at Jakes weak form in defeat. "I will never forgive you if he dies," I whispered before walking out of that room.

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    The Alpha's Possession: The Choice

    Serenity Warrenread989.5KParanormal

    “Do you really think you ever had a choice, my little one?” The alpha devilishly asked while kissing the nape of my neck. “I wish I did,” I whisper, not fighting the blazing trail of kisses down my collar bone. “Then, stop fighting me. Accept me. I am your alpha, after all.” “I will never accept you as my alpha nor as my mate.” “We shall see my little one. We shall see.” ****** Pearl is at the bottom of her rope. If she doesn’t find a job, she will be out on the streets. Day after day, she desperately hopes to hear at least one, yes, but they turn her away. Some are running from Pearl the moment they hear her name. Pearl receives a blank envelope with a stamp made of red clay and the initials CH engraved in the center. To her surprise, it is an application to work at Charleston Inn. Once she discovers the truth, will she ever have a choice, or was this Pearl’s fate all along?

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    The Alpha's Girl


    (This story is currently being edited and rewritten) East Wood High was a high school that was far from normal; inhabited by students that were far from human, anyone in the outside world would be totally clueless to what was really going on. Despite the very different student population; in every school there's bound to be clichés and a social ladder. At the top of that ladder was Morpheus Mitchell. He was the school's golden boy, captain of the football team, beloved by the student population and also alpha of the Blood Moon pack who was on the lookout for his mate. Amethyst Jones was your average high school student in her eyes. She was completely oblivious to the world around her and had no idea of the secrets that were brewing in her life. Amethyst was a nerd and she never really mingled with the popular kids and they've never really acknowledged her existence. When the most popular boy in school asks her on a date she's more than shocked and she has no idea what she's really getting herself into saying yes. She has no idea how drastically her life is going to to change, the trials and tribulations she's about to face as she becomes... The Alpha's Girl.

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    Taken In By An Alpha And His Family

    Cat Smithread271.2KParanormal

    Candice is trying to finish highschool, be a parent to her little sister and work all at the same time. She has no idea of her parents whereabouts nor does she care. Laurie and her are better off without their drug addicted parents around. No one knows her parents are gone or that she works late nights to pay the bills. Candice will do anything to make sure they they have a roof over their head and to keep her sister safe. Her job is unconventional and one she keeps secret, even from her little sister. However she put her pride aside long ago and just wants to graduate. Candice is doing all she can to survive school, work and being a parent to an adolescent sister who sometimes drives her crazy. A new student comes to the school and shows no interest in any one but her. Candice pushes him away, not having time to date or have fun like a normal teenager. When he finds out her secret, her life takes an unexpected turn and she's forced to admit that sometimes you can't do it all alone, and that family is what you make it to be.

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    Alpha Possessive

    Erin Jeanread182.0KParanormal

    Kylie Marshall is the baby sister of three, over protective man whores. Besides her hatred for her dad, her life was going pretty good until her father got a promotion and got transferred. Now she has to get used to a new school, with new people and make new friends which doesn't turn out so bad until she runs into Julian, the schools feared bad boy and player. Kylie feels drawn to him, however when he claims that she belongs to him in front of a crowd that just pushes Kylie to try and shove her feelings aside. But they both have a past that they both wish could be forgotten. Will they give each other a chance?

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    Alpha Asher


    When Lia Summer Founded out that her childhood best friend was a Werewolf, nothing could stop her from thinking of him as something more than friends. A possessive friend, who loved her. It was no dream that I saw him yet again behind me . His silver eyes gazed into mine through the mirror. My breath hitched as he leaned in and whispered , "My Lia " ------- Lia Summers a 19 year old teenager who was abused by her parents and yet again by her boyfriend. She ran away hoping to find a better life .. Striving for her life and trying to persue her future she wanted no more drama in her life after being abused by her professor. Being a victim of bullying she lost her witty natural and turned into a timid person ...some what opposite to her own . Asher King , the shy boy was a victim of bullying when was 15 years old turned into a dangerous man . Then one day his eyes set on the one girl who help him in his life . Lia Summers ------- "Lia Summers , you are mine " ------- #cliché moments . #Werewolf #Abusive language # Cover By @Magenkop

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    The Alpha and His Possession


    Killian King; cold, dominant, and possessive over what's his is top dog at school and known as the bad boy, so what happens when Finnick Green, the nerdy shy and socially awkward boy, trips into his life and creates an uproar that leaves his alpha wolf trembling.

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    Her Alpha's Orders

    jennifer francisread844.4KFantasy

    Jo-anne wakes up mated to West the future Alpha of her pack, neither he nor her have any memory of how this came to be, forced to stay with him due to wolfen laws. Neither of them want to be in the Mate Bond with each other. Jo-anne begs him to reject her want's out of their Bond as much as he does, demoralized by his constant Alpha ordering of her to tell him why she did this to him. she can not tell him what she does not know. Wants to be free, tries to kill herself but survives and is brought back to him. now wolf-less. Rejects him just hours before she is to be announced as the future Luna to the Pack A mysterious set of marks appears down her back on her 18th birthday at the time of her birth and brings about her what she calls the Shivers, and erotic sensations that fills her body with pleasure, to which she has no control over, when, where or for how long it happens, no reason she can not explain it, has to learn to live with it. Jo-anne has years of therapy to get over her past and move on with her life. 10 years of freedom and she is now 28 is required to go back to the pack to pledge allegiance to the new Alpha, West himself as he becomes the Alpha to her pack. She is happy and healthy, happy for him who has a Mate on his arm, but he is not happy. Jo-anne is expecting to be able to leave the pack for a 2 year period once she has pledged loyalty to her new Alph., An agreement made with her former Alpha, Alpha Damien. West does not like this and Alpha orders Jo-anne to never set foot in Korea. Can Jo-anne survive his Orders, can they find out about the past and can she figure out her mysterious markings and her true identity, can they get past the history to find a way to a peaceful future. Can she survive inside the pack long enough to find all the answers to the mystery that brought them together and ripped them apart.