"reborn as an emperor"Book Series:

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    Reborn to be a Diva


    At 10, she lost her sister. At 18, due to an unfortunate accident, she lost her chance to be a diva and fulfill her dreams. At 19, she lost her parents and grandfather. At 25, she was killed by her husband and half-sister, her best friend, and her unborn child. In her next life, will she be able to snatch what belonged to her, punish the betrayers and become the best of the best?

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    Barebacked By The Emperor

    Elle Londonread1KRomance

    Anna is a servant girl working in the house of Vespasian, the emperor of Rome. When she's taken in secret to his palace and given the choice between being impregnated and bred in secret by him to produce an heir or return to her life as a servant, she's undecided. However she soon finds out that Vespasian can be very persuasive... This erotica is recomended for adults only.

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    Impregnated By The Emperor

    Juliet Pellizonread1KRomance

    Bought from a slave market, Antonina fears the worst when she’s taken to a huge villa on the outskirts of Rome. She expects a harsh life of work and beatings in the fields around the impressive property, but, to her surprise, is handed over to a woman who bathes and beautifies her. A night of fitful rest in a luxurious bed is interrupted by the intrusion of a man she recognizes instantly, with the Emperor making it very clear why she’s been brought to him.She knows that to refuse would be madness, so submits to the most powerful man in the Roman Empire - and he refuses to stop until he's sure she's carrying his baby. This ancient rome erotica contains explicit themes of impregnation.

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    The Alpha Emperor's Courtesan

    Sara Yardleyread16.6KRomance

    Talia is the daughter of a Celtic chieftain, who is brought to Rome to serve as a slave after her tribe is conquered by the Roman army. When she captures the eye of the charming but notoriously brutal Emperor Caius, she is taken to serve in his Harem as a Courtesan. While Talia discovers that Rome really was founded by wolves, Caius finds there is more to her than meets the eye...

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    Her Highness's Second Life

    Scarlett Strangeread69.6KFantasy

    SEQUEL TO 'HIS HIGHNESS'S SECOND WIFE' After transmigrating into the last book she read, Lydia Miles became Raena Magrath - the wife of Prince Kassian, the third prince of the Etrobia Empire and the most controversial person in the Capital. Her plan was simple - just wait it out while the events unfold and don't get involved. But fate had other plans, so she found herself right in the middle of it all. After living through several assassination attempts, catching the eye of some dangerous people, and ending up torn between two men desperate to have her, Raena somehow survived and won herself the things she never had in real life - a loving partner, a beautiful family and true friends that never left her side even when their own lives were in danger. Five years passed filled with joy, laughter, and peace and now there is a new threat on the horizon, one Raena is not even aware of. Representatives of the mysterious new continent arrive in Etrobia under the guise of forging a trading relationship with the Empire, but their enigmatic leader is interested in something entirely different. Someone like him, someone that is not from this world. Someone like Raena. And if dealing with assassins, getting tricked, played with and separated from her family is not enough, Raena has one more thing to worry about. The dreams of her world are back and they are getting clearer and more real than ever. Will she be able to keep her family and friends safe, her secrets carefully protected and her heart in one piece? Or will she be forced to do the one thing she swore she would never do? Find a way back to her world.

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    The Immortal Emperor Returns

    Xiu Guoread3.0KRealistic Urban

    A lifetime ago, Chu Xun was shackled and thrown in jail on false charges. For three whole years, he suffered extraordinary torment from his cellmates every day. Even though he had escaped death many times, he still died from his cellmates' fists the day before he was to be released. After death, Chu Xun transmigrated to a different world of cultivation, where cultivation was the one true path. Carrying the weight of his hatred, Chu Xun began to cultivate in hopes of becoming an Immortal Emperor, who could manipulate heaven and earth and travel through time. After painstaking cultivation of three thousand years, he succeeded. Then he sacrificed all his cultivation without hesitation and returned to the day before he was to be released. This life, he wanted to find out the truth and the one behind his murder in last life. He would continue to cultivate and strengthen himself so that the tragedy would not repeat itself. He wanted to master his own destiny. In this life, what people would Chu Xun encounter and what experience of love and hate would he have with them? What difficulties would he encounter and how would he overcome? The answer is the book.

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    Conquering the Emperor


    [MATURE CONTENT - s****l scenes] First met by fate. Separated by duty. Reunited in war. A love that started with betrayal. "The woman who manages to become pregnant with the Crown Prince’s child will be immediately promoted to the Empress" … and the only one that he wants is me... Note: I own commercial rights of the book cover as commissioned from the artist. While you support my work, I also support the work of artists. Thank you very much! My other works: l**t Contracts; f*******n Heat R18 ; Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18, Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss, The Alpha Prince's Purchased Maid

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    Vanquish Them All

    Wo Shi Peng Hao Renread1KAction

    The Imperial Court of Tang Empire became dim and corrupt. The Emperor believed eunuchs. The officials vied with each other for authority. The Tang Empire was about to collapse. The flouring Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism eyed it covetously. The three sects wanted to contend for the domination of the whole world. Which one would win in the end? Or would they coexist peacefully at last? Armies of different nations invaded the frontier on all sides. People and the whole world were in extreme misery. Who could save them? A young man of the Imperial Clan was reborn in Chang'an. In the Last Life, he was framed and was driven out of his place. He was the king of the subjugated country. When he wandered on the streets, he wanted to be an ordinary people and live an ordinary life in Chang'an but failed. In this life, he determined to fight against the heaven and change his own fate. He would not give those people an opportunity who framed him in his Last Life. He would hold his title and his place. In order to maintain order and peace of the world, he was going to wipe out all villains of the whole world with the Imperial Sword, adhere to the emperor's principle, and enact the new national law. He would rule over the empire to prove himself.

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    Rebirth: I Am The Prophecy Queen

    Quat Orzread1KRomance

    Three months ago, David Hudson sent Kate to prison and made her agree to donate her heart to save Alice, David’s lover. But three months later, he came back to Kate, asking for her forgiveness. He pushed Kate against the wall and said, with a voice he thought flirtatious, “Kate, if you forgive me, you can get whatever you want. The money, the Hudson Group, and even... Me! And I’m gonna make you my wife. Everyone will call you Mrs. Hudson!” Kate responded with a fatal stab through his stomach and said, haughtily, “David Hudson, you are not good enough for me now.” -- After Kate Miller was reborn as the heiress of the Miller family, she found out that she had been poisoned secretly since seven years ago, and lost all the glories because of some people’s devious schemes. But fortunately, her gifted power of fulfilling prophecy was still with her. In the engagement party, Kate realized the whole engagement to her fiance, David, was just a trade. Its purpose was to make her agree to donate her heart to save his true lover. Feeling disgusted and ridiculous to what David did, she decided to make him pay a heavy price for his evil tricks. She rose to her feet and announced, “God says: Shut down the Hudson Group within three second!” Hearing that, David burst out laughing, thinking that Kate was insane. But twos second later, David’s phone rang and he received the news from his subordinate that his company was shut down by the government. Refusing to accept the truth, David, with his legs trembling, fell to the ground and looked at Kate in fear. With proud and confidence, Kate cast a disdainful glance at David, “Remember, don’t ever try to mess with me. I’m afraid that you can’t bear the consequence of pissing me off!”

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    Reborn to Be A Noble Wife

    Lian Shuangread4.2KRomance

    Die in Water and Revive in Fire Ji Hanyue was born of a general. On the evening when she married the Crown Prince, she was framed and pushed into a lake. Before she died, she was told that both her father and sister had been murdered. When she woke up in a fire, she found herself reincarnated as her cousin Qu Moying, a blind daughter of the Vice Minister of Works. With a hateful stepmother and sister, the poor girl lived in forsaken circumstances and used to be timid and isolated. The fire gave Ji Hanyue a new life and changed Qu Moying's life. The vengeance started. In the previous life, Ji Hanyue married the Crown Prince, while in this one, she took the fancy of his uncle. What kind of marriage was waiting for her?