Spirit Wolf - My Home (Book Two)


Ranya Fantasy

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Rei decided to stay with her mate for now and is trying to accept the role of being Luna. The threat of being taken by the sorcerer Isaac is still present and the biggest fear Rei has to face is that she might be the reason her new pack will have to face the attacks that might yet to come.
Her only chance is to master the powers her wolf possesses and learn the truth about her long lost past.
What she will choose to do and how she will face the truth not only about herself but also about her mate who decides to masacre the whole enemy pack because he could not risk that they might turn agat them and is willing to sacrifice anybody in order to protect his previous mate and his pack?


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55. My mate is my enemy


‘How are you going to pull this?’ I asked Rei in our mind link while I was running around the buildings close to Rei's position. I left most of the warriors from my group with her to make sure there are no other enemy wolves immune to her command. I knew it was unlikely to happen since her freaking command strongly affec……