The Alphas Demon


Lyndsey Paranormal

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*Sequel to the Experimented Mate*

When William is banished for attacking the sister of Alpha Lukas Wallace. Now that he is a rogue and lost his future title of Alpha to his pack Dark Moon wants revenge and more. He finds a young demon/wolf hybrid, Lilith, he uses her to get what he's truly after, Julie Wallace, Lukas' sister. However with some careful planning Lilith is able to help free Julie and herself from William's grasp. Now that she is free she lives her life the way she wants.

But what happens when a twist of fate brings her back to Lightning Moon a few years later and it's discovered who her mate is?


Tags: alphafatedkickass heroinelunadramabxgdaemonwerewolvessupernaturalfriends with benefits
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Lukas POV

I was sitting in my office trying to do some work. The investigation into Lilith's kidnapping had been taking it's toll. My father, and uncles could only do so much seeing as how they quite liked their retirement. They had never once complained about stepping in to help but if I could do anything to help ……